The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence is the catalyst behind a new initiative that seeks to get the entire community actively working to achieve health and wellness goals in order to live healthy lifestyles.

Called the Culture of Health Campaign, which begins Oct. 1, the focus will be on a proactive, preventive culture that promotes healthy behaviors and addresses health issues before they become health problems.

Everyone is encouraged to get quality sleep, engage in activity, improve nutrition and quit tobacco.
Sleep, activity and nutrition are the focus areas of Army Medicine's Performance Triad, or P3.

Focusing on these areas can have the biggest impact on your health, in addition to being tobacco free.

Health is built and sustained from the decisions you make every day. As a result, you will think better, feel better and perform better.

The first step is evaluating your health and establishing a baseline using the Army's Global Assessment Tool, or GAT 2.0.

This resource is online and accessible on your smartphone.

It is confidential, provides feedback about your health, supplies recommendations personalized to your needs and offers direct links to relevant resources. You should not let October pass without taking your initial step.

Next, establish your daily goals related to sleep, activity, nutrition and tobacco cessation.

The Army has created a series of P3 videos that provide excellent guidance.

One series aimed at Family members and civilians and another series aimed at Soldiers can be viewed online.

There are also many other P3 resources, including printable materials, social media sites and a smartphone app to help. Be sure to track whether daily goals are met.

To help, we developed the Quarterly Health Progress Tracking Chart, and it is available to print or as a fillable form online. As you progress, retake the GAT quarterly or at least annually to see your results and track your improvement.

Get help fine-tuning and reaching goals with free programs and services on post.

The Army Wellness Center offers general nutrition education, general wellness classes, stress management and exercise testing and prescription.

Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness teaches self-development tools, physical and psychological fitness and resilience and performance training.

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation provide recreation and events, sports, fitness and aquatics and Family and community services.

In addition to providing primary care, the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital has tobacco-cessation classes, nutrition classes and counseling.

Throughout October, look for articles in the GUIDON highlighting these programs and services that support living a Culture of Health on Fort Leonard Wood.

You will be able to jump-start your healthy lifestyle by visiting our Culture of Health online site, which will be added to the Fort Leonard Wood homepage next month.

You can also view the MSCoE command team support video.

All the information mentioned in this article will be available at the online site, including links to the GAT and P3 videos/resources, the Quarterly Health Progress Tracking Chart, a FLW Resource Guide for the programs/services and links to other helpful resources.

Act now to better your health and your Family's health.

You will see improvements in your quality of life and happiness.

Together, good health strengthens our community, our Army and our nation. Let us lead our nation into a Culture of Health.

(Editor's note: Glynn is the Culture of Health Campaign action officer.)