Letterkenny Army Depot is now repairing generators at the facility that will be the hub of all generator reset work in the European theater of operations.

The Field Logistics Readiness Center-Germersheim, Seckenheim, Germany, is a generator Center of Excellence and is operated by the U. S. Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command. C-E LCMC partnered with the U. S. Army Sustainment Command and Letterkenny to operate the FLRC-G.

Letterkenny's Chief of Generator Repair E. J. Ingram and his team visited the site and implemented Lean Six Sigma to dramatically improve the repair process.

"More generators can now be repaired more quickly once production was transformed from a bay process to a production line process," said Ingram. "Three Letterkenny specialists will be supplemented by local contract support during this three to five year program. We've increased the reset capability dramatically and can return between 30-50 generators to the field more quickly by resetting them in Germany."

C-E-LCMC provides the program funding and Letterkenny has complete operational and financial control of the reset program at this facility.

While generators will continue to be reset to the highest Army repair standards of complete refurbishment, Letterkenny is also implementing a new direct exchange program with U. S. Army Europe. Priority units will now have the opportunity to turn in used generators for reset and immediately be issued other generators from the facility's stock. USAREUR units will no longer have to turn in their generators and then wait for that particular generator to be repaired. All of this work will be provided to the units at no cost to USAREUR.

"This facility will change the way we support USAREUR units. This new operation will significantly reduce the amount of time units wait for their equipment and will greatly enhance the service we provide to Soldiers," said Col. Robert Swenson, Letterkenny commander.