SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- From New London, Connecticut in 1861 to the present day coastlines of Oahu, Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Battalion, 'Golden Dragons', 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division are making history again. From Sept. 9-16, 2016, the Golden Dragons conducted a 71 mile road march across Oahu to commemorate the Battalion's Heritage and Casing of Colors."The Golden Dragons have planned this event to pay honor to all the Golden Dragons that have served in the unit," said Lt. Col. David Krzycki, 1-14th Inf. Bn. battalion commander. "The 71 miles road march (Golden Ruck) is a physical event that builds readiness as we prepare Soldier/Families to relocate to other units. It is physically challenging, demands a high degree of mental toughness, and is a shared event to keep building on pride and unit sprite de corps."According to Lt. Col. Krzycki, at the beginning of each day the Soldiers include a historic dedication for each company and the Soldiers who have served under the colors.For one Soldier being able to pay tribute to those who came before him means a lot."This is a great way to show gratitude and honor the Soldiers who came before us," said Sgt. Ryan Berumen, an infantryman assigned to the 1-14 Inf. Bn. "This means a lot to me knowing that I am serving in the same unit as all these great Soldiers once served in before me. What they accomplished while defending the Nation during the major conflicts, will never be forgotten." The Golden Dragons have fought in every major conflict since World War II and have received numerous awards for bravery over the years. "We represent the best of America," said Lt. Col. Krzycki. "We have served on the island of Hawaii for many years and have contributed greatly to the defense of our great Nation. We are proud, resilient professionals that believe in each other and when called upon will fight to victory."The 1-14 Inf. Bn. was selected to case its colors, in Oct., as part of the Army's recent force structure and realignment in the decision to convert 2/25 to an IBCT."It has been my greatest honor in my life to lead such fine Soldiers", said Lt. Col. Krzycki. "I am enormously proud to still serve in 1-14 Inf. Bn. I would personally like to thank all the families from the Soldiers who are a huge part of this, local civilians for the support and participation, and the Golden Dragons."