ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md -- A graduating class of 24 Army Contracting Command employees completed the ACC Boot Camp course last week.Some of the classes included in the four-week course were regulations and policy, contract types, market research, negotiations and acquisition planning."The ACC Boot Camp course provides a great foundation for those new to government contracting," said Dana Dowell, procurement analyst with ACC-APG's Workforce Development Branch.There were 16 ACC-APG members in the class with others traveling from other ACC locations such as Fort Drum, Rock Island and Fort Bragg. Attending the course with just two months on the job was Eric Pyles, contracting intern with ACC-APG's Division C."Coming from an information technology background without any prior knowledge about Army contracting, the ACC Boot Camp was a great learning experience," said Pyles. "I feel confident that the knowledge and tools gained from this course will provide me with a solid base for my contracting career."Bryon J. Young, ACC-APG executive director, spoke to the group and pointed out that printed on every contract just above the contracting officer's signature are the words, United States of America."A contracting officer has a position of trust and responsibility and you should all aspire to this position," said Young. "As a KO, you will have the authority to commit the U.S. Government to a business deal."Steven Bryant, ACC-APG deputy director, also addressed the class and told a story of when he was a new contracting employee."My first day on the job, my supervisor told me that it would take seven years to be good at what I do" he said. "I remember thinking at the time that he had lost his marbles, but now I understand that it takes an entire career to be a good contracting professional."Bryant went on to tell the class that he learns something new every day. He concluded by providing each class participant with advice for a successful career."Work as hard as you can, learn as much as you can, avail yourself of opportunities to learn and grow, and step out of your comfort zone" said Bryant.The instructors for the course were Mark Styles and Dennis Thrasher from ACC's Mobile Training Team.