FORT STEWART, GA -- Leaders from the 3rd Infantry Division and the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield healthcare community joined together to reaffirm the Army's commitment to provide world-class care to wounded Soldiers and their Families by signing the Army Warrior Healthcare Covenant Feb. 19 at the Main Post Chapel.

Third Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo and 3rd ID Command Sgt. Maj. Jesse Andrews, signed the covenant during a ceremony with senior medical and garrison officials.

The covenant pledges sustained care that is equivalent to the sacrifices that Soldiers and their Families have made, Cucolo said. It provides for first-rate care in a healing environment for recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.

"This is the Army, getting it right. We didn't have it right in the beginning but we're definitely a learning organization. It took a while to realize the medical structure was insufficient to handle the scale of casualties," Cucolo said.

The covenant promises assistance for injured Soldiers to either return to their unit and their job assignment as well as assistance transitioning to other areas of service.

"The goal is to get them back to where they want to be. That may be in formation. That may be as productive citizens back in their hometown. But we want to heal them and get them to their goal."

Wounded warrior Spc. Johann Brown and his wife, Monica and daughter Anaia, who represented all Warriors in Transition and their Families for the ceremony, also signed the covenant.

"As a Warrior in Transition, today means so much," said Brown. "I believe that with the signing of the covenant it was pivotal, in not only my life, but the other warriors' lives saying that the healthcare we're getting is going to improve and we're just looking forward to that."

The Warrior Healthcare Covenant vows to provide the highest quality of care and services possible to warriors and their Families, said Col. John Collins, Winn Army Community Hospital Commander.

"Things come in threes. We've had the triad of care, triad of leadership and now we have a triad of covenants," said Collins. "The Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield community has signed the Army Community Covenant the Army Family Covenant, and with the signing of the Army Warrior Healthcare Covenant we complete the triad to pledge, affirm, and support our Soldiers and Family Members."

The Army Warrior Health-Care Covenant
Aca,!Ac We are grateful for the contributions of warriors and their Families.
Aca,!Ac We will provide warriors and their Families the highest quality of care and services possible to honor their contributions to our nation.
Aca,!Ac We will provide the assistance needed by warriors and their Families during the healing process.
Aca,!Ac We will provide initiatives and programs for warriors and their Families that support their transition back to duty or their continued service to our nation as a veteran.
Aca,!Ac We will provide an environment that is conducive to healing by focusing on body, mind, heart and spirit.