The Mosaic that is the LMP

By LTC Robert Williams, LMP PdMSeptember 2, 2016

LMP Mosaic
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L -- M -- P. How can three letters mean so much? How can something seemingly so simple represent one of the largest ERPs in the world and be a keystone to Army operations? When you think of the program in terms of a mosaic -- one large "image" made of thousands of smaller pieces -- you can easily see and understand how these three small letters mean so much to the Army.

When you look closely at a mosaic, you are drawn into the fascination of thousands of smaller pieces that make up the whole. Up close, you can see with detail what each picture is and why it's unique in its own right. And then, as you draw yourself away, you can see how each small piece contributes to the larger sum of the picture.

Like a mosaic, the LMP has thousands of moving parts that come together to create a system that operates efficiently and accurately day in and day out. From data, to interfaces, to users, to testing, as well as with a variety of customers who use the system for different efforts, the LMP landscape is vast. Yet somehow, all of the working pieces come together to co-exist as one system that seamlessly supports Army missions worldwide.

Our PMO and our team are the canvas on which the LMP mosaic comes together. We have established processes and procedures that prove effective, from design and development to implementation and sustainment. We have created a culture of mutual respect for the roles each of us plays. And we have earned the trust and respect of our customers and leadership, gaining their unwavering support and confidence.

There are so many things that make up the LMP. Every partner and user. Every piece of data and test event. Every interface and system transaction. And every person on this team. Together we have created the Army's quintessential operations and management tool. Together we are creating the future environment for Army operations. And together, we are creating the mosaic that is the LMP.