CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Sept. 2, 2016) -- U.S. Army Garrison Japan's Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security tested their ability to setup an emergency evacuation center Aug. 31 at Yano Fitness Center, in case the community would need to be evacuated.

Inside the fitness center, several stations with phone and internet capabilities were manned and ready to process the paperwork community members would need to evacuate.

Some of the organizations represented were Camp Zama's Housing Office, the American Red Cross, U.S. Army Japan's Judge Advocate Office, and the Camp Zama Veterinary Clinic.

Paul Fameli, chief of plans and operations, DPTMS, said the purpose of the event was to set up and establish the configurations of an EEC -- to refresh the standard of operating procedures (SOP).

An EEC is needed when non-essential personnel are evacuated, said Fameli.

Capt. Mark Hall, operations officer, DPTMS, said non-essential personnel would be out-processed at the EEC before they are transported to the airport.

"I learned a lot here," said Sgt. Remondo Prude, participant assigned to I Corps (Forward).

Prude said he got good information on what needs to be taken care of in case of an emergency in regards to Family Members, Civilians as well as military personnel.

"I just encourage all community members to take some time to slap together a binder full of their important paperwork so that in the event of an emergency evacuation they're prepared," said Fameli.