Canadian Col. Roch Pelletier is the Deputy Commander-Operations for United States Army Alaska.

A native of the Province of Québec, Eastern Canada, Colonel Roch Pelletier enrolled in the Canadian Forces under the Regular Officer Training Plan. He began his career at the Royal Military College of Canada at St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu in August of 1988. On earning his officer's commission, he held a series of junior positions in 1st Battalion Royal 22e Régiment (LAV 3 Mech Inf Bn) between August 1993 and March 1999. During that period, he was deployed to Haiti as a platoon commander.

Following his first regimental tour of duty, Colonel Pelletier served as an Infantry School instructor at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick. In the summer of 2002, he returned to the 1st Battalion Royal 22e Régiment as Operations Officer and was subsequently transferred, in 2004, to 2nd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment (LAV 3 Mech Inf Bn) as Commander of C Company. On completing this second regimental tour, he became the G35 Plans 2 (international operations and contingency plans) at the Canadian Army HQ in Ottawa. He then completed the Joint Command and Staff Programme in Toronto and subsequently occupied the G5 position at 2 Canadian Division HQ in Montreal, Québec. From November 2009 to September 2010, Colonel Pelletier performed the J3 (chief of operations) function for Joint Task Force Afghanistan in Kandahar. During that same period, on 17 June 2010, he took command of 3rd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment (Light Inf Bn). In May 2012, promoted to Col rank (acting while so employed), he became Commander Task Force 4-12 (TF 4-12) and from November 2012 to July 2013, he served as Deputy Commander Canadian Contribution Training Mission in Afghanistan (CCTM-A). Upon his return to Canada, he was posted to the National Defense Headquarter (NDHQ) with the Defence Renewal Team where he was employed as the lead of the Forces Readiness and Personnel Portfolio.

In June 2014, Colonel Pelletier was appointed the Commander of the Canadian Army Enabler Group (CAEG, now known as Canadian Combat Support Brigade) in Kingston, Ontario. On 30 July 2015, he was posted to Wainwright, Alberta and appointed Commander of the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC). In August of 2016 he assumed his duties as the Deputy Commander-Operations for United States Army Alaska.

Colonel Pelletier has a Bachelor's Degree in Administration from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Master's Degree in Defence Management and Policy.