The Labor Day Holiday is traditionally associated with the end of summer, an extended weekend off from work and school, and one final opportunity to relax before the Fall season begins. However; Labor Day is much more than just a day off; it signifies a very important time for employees everywhere. The holiday is a celebration of the economic and social achievements of American workers. During this holiday, many will attend parades, social activities, and athletic events during the long weekend, but more importantly, this is a time for all to reflect on the dedication and tireless efforts of over 120,000 dedicated military, civilians, and contractors of the Army Materiel Command.

Whatever your plans this Labor Day weekend, I encourage you to incorporate these SAFETY precautionary measures in your activities:

Grill Safety. Ensure your grill is away from your home, tall branches, or anything else that could catch on fire. Be sure to keep children and pets away as well. Never add starter fluid when coals have already been ignited, and always follow manufacturer's instructions.

Swim Safety. Check water conditions and weather forecast prior to entering the water. Always swim with a buddy in areas supervised by a lifeguard, and always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Provide constant supervision of children in or near bodies of water.

Travel Safety. If traveling by automobile, ensure your vehicle is in good working condition before departing. Have it inspected by a competent and reliable technician. Be sure to travel with an emergency supply kit, and always wear seat belts and ensure child safety seats are used correctly. Most importantly, respect the speed limits and maintain alertness.

Drive Defensively. Be alert and cautious of surroundings and other vehicles. Limit distractions while driving. Distracted driving includes, but is not limited to: cell phone usage, texting, eating, drinking, and even using in-vehicle technologies.

Please drink responsibly. If you're going to drink - don't drive, and if you're going to drive - don't drink. At the very least, designate an alternate driver.

Linda and I recognize the enormous commitment and sacrifice each of you make every day to guarantee AMC remains the Army's "Premier Provider of Readiness" for the Army and Joint Force. We ask you to remember our deployed teammates; keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Enjoy a SAFE and well-deserved Labor Day weekend!


General, USA