RED CLOUD GARRISON - While on "sergeant's time" training, Feb. 19, Soldiers from Red Cloud Headquarters, Headquarters Company went to the Nuclear Biological Chemical chambers for mandatory training as directed by the Department of the Army.

Soldiers were shown how to properly put on their joint service lightweight integrated nuclear, biological and chemical suit in the event of a NBC attack.

The noncommissioned officers conducting the training stressed the importance of not only putting your gear on in a timely manner, but making sure everything fits comfortably.

Soldiers were then moved into the NBC chambers to do exercises.

While inside the chambers, Soldiers were told to take deep breaths, move their head in a circle, jog in place, and move their jaw as if they were chewing on a piece of gum. This is another safety measure making sure the JSLIST gear is not only fitting comfortably but tight. In the event of a NBC attack, a Soldier could not perform this entire task had their JSLIST gear been loose exposing the skin.

After they got used to their gear, Soldiers were given the choice to enter the chamber without their mask. The goal of the drill is to gain confidence in case your mask restricts breathing within the closed space. The only Soldiers brave enough to walk in the chamber without their masks were all Senior NCO's with the exception of two lower enlisted Soldiers.

"It was a great learning experience. I have been through the training before but I wanted to get a better feel, which is why I went through without my mask," said Spc. Dominique Sampson, mail room noncommissioned officer in charge.

After the training was finished, Soldiers went through a class environment course about how to detect NBC hazards with the help of a decontamination kit. NCO's showed Soldiers how to properly place additional gear on their sleeves and bodies to help in the event of an attack.

"The training environment was very realistic. NBC is something Soldiers need to be trained on because it is a rare but possible factor on the battlefield. We always try to train on the basic warrior tasks, because if you do not train on the little things, Soldiers lose their skill," said Sgt. 1st Class Moses Dickens, USAG HHC first sergeant.