CH (BG) Thomas Solhjem
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September is National Suicide Prevention Month, a time when the U.S. Army focuses on education, awareness, and action designed to build resilience. Recognizing this effort, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Chaplains (Brigadier General) Thomas Solhjem, recently shared his own experiences with suicide as a young Soldier.

Chaplain Solhjem discusses his personal struggles with high risk behaviors and addictions before taking us on a brief journey through his life and family history, sharing pictures and memories. From moments with his wife at the beach, to his first grandchild, Chaplain Solhjem emphasizes what "wouldn't have been" if he had acted on his destructive thoughts as a young Soldier. He goes on to stress the critical role others played in lifting him out of his destructive state and for others to "seek the help they need so that the portrait of their life can be completed and fully realized."

For the full message from the Deputy Chief of Chaplains, visit the link below:

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