FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- After its record-setting debut last year with more than 850 registered runners, bringing back the Color Run was a no brainer, and with its return it broke its own record by 200 runners.

A total of 1050 registered runners, plus countless supporters, turned out at the Fort Rucker Festival Fields for the installation's second Color Run, surpassing all expectations once again, according to Lynn Avila, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation fitness programs coordinator.

"We all had a blast," she said. "We wanted participants to feel as though they've accomplished something -- because they have. It was the perfect opportunity for individuals, couples and families to have some active, outdoor fun."

And since the event wasn't timed or scored, fun was all people could have as they jumped off the starting line and were pelted with all sorts of colors.

For Jason Rickson, civilian runner, the run was something he always wanted to take part in, and now he's able to check it off his list.

"I've always seen people talk about color runs and I've even seen them on TV before and I always thought they would be fun to take part in," he said. "I'm not a runner, by any means, but I thought this would be a cool experience to be able to come out and enjoy with my friends, and it really was."

Although Rickson said running isn't his first choice for exercise, when it's something he was able to enjoy with his friends, it made it all worthwhile.

"I normally hate cardio," he said. "It seems to always defeat me, but this wasn't something that I had to stress myself on. This wasn't a competition. We literally came out here to run for fun and it was just a great experience."

For Diana Teegan, military spouse, the run was a way for her to relax and share a special moment with her family.

"I love to run, but normally when I run it's very structured," she said. "I'm always focused on beating my times or hitting the distance goals I set for the week, but this was just an opportunity for me to come out with my children and have a good time, and that's exactly what we did."

Teegan, who has been an avid runner for more than 12 years, said it was a nice change of pace for her to not have to think about where she's going to place, but rather to enjoy the time she shared with her children.

"Running really is a release for me," she said. "I never run with my children because I'm always competing with myself, and I'm just glad that I got the chance to share something I love to do with my children without having to worry about what my time is."

After the run and people were completely covered in colors ranging from pink, purple, blue and yellow, everyone got the chance to participate in a friendly line dance, followed by the color explosion, where people are given a cup of color of their choice to toss in the air simultaneously.