VICENZA, Italy -- Whether sending in snacks for an elementary school class, contributing to a holiday party or making daily lunches, parents only want the best for their children.There are tons of snacks to pack that are easy, not time-consuming and better than an unhealthy pre-packaged bag of junk food.Following are 36 healthy snack ideas compiled from a variety of "back to school" websites, guaranteed to contain something for even the pickiest eater. Happy, healthy eating!Cheese with pretzel sticks or fruit Peanut butter with yogurt, granola and blueberries Animal crackers dipped in low-fat pudding Banana dipped in yogurt, rolled in cereal Peanut butter on celery topped with raisins Trail mix with nuts and dried fruits Frozen yogurt and banana sandwich on graham cracker Small baked potato, microwaved, topped with cheese and salsa Peanut butter or yogurt with apple slices Whole-grain cereal Instant oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts Pita and hummus Granola bar dipped in low-fat yogurt Hard-boiled egg Chips and salsa Baby carrots dipped in low-fat ranch dressing Mini pizza: toasted English muffin drizzled with pizza sauce, sprinkled with favorite veggies and low-fat mozzarella Flour tortilla with turkey, ham, cheese and mustard Breadsticks and salsa Pears with cottage cheese Crushed graham cracker on low- or no-fat chocolate pudding Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread Fruit and yogurt smoothie Grated parmesan on popcorn Baked apples with cinnamon and granola Banana pancakes Oatmeal cookies with cranberries or raising Pretzels dipped in honey mustard Jell-O with fruit Strawberries dipped in yogurt Rice cakes with peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese Applesauce with cinnamon Homemade baked Chex mix with rice chex, peanuts and pretzel sticks Waffle cone filled with fruit, topped with low-fat vanilla yogurt Mini waffles dipped in cinnamon applesauce Rolled tortilla with yogurt, sliced strawberries and bananas