FORT RUCKER, Ala. (August 24, 2016) - The cooler days and longer nights of autumn are approaching, and with them come hazards unique to this welcome time of year. As the temperature drops and Soldiers, Army civilians and families take to roads and the great outdoors for some well-deserved downtime, they'll be exposed to risk more often than they might think. It's critically important to prepare them now for what lies ahead.

Visit our seasonal campaign page for articles, posters and videos themed on seasonal topics to augment existing safety programs.

Topics include pedestrian safety, cold injury prevention, fire prevention, personally owned weapons, private motor vehicles and more.

All products are easily downloadable and ready to use in whatever format you prefer. Extended holiday leaves and rapidly changing weather conditions will open the door for risk, and getting this information to Soldiers now will help them mitigate the hazards in whatever they do.