U.S. Army reinstates regional travel panels to better support Soldiers, Families

By ASA M&RA/ Army G-1 Public AffairsAugust 25, 2016

U.S. Army reinstates regional travel pranels to better support Soldiers, Families
Roughly 65K soldiers are administratively separated annually, with about
90 percent of these receiving honorable discharges. Soldiers who receive other than honorable discharges, or who feel their discharge determination was
inaccurate or unfair, may... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Army Discharge Review Board (ADRB) is taking its duty to examine applicant's requests for administrative discharge upgrades on the road again and will 'set up shop' at its first scheduled location, Robins Air Force Base (AFB), Ga., Nov. 15 through Nov. 18, this year.

"The Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) and ADRB are here to support our veterans and are continuously looking for ways to improve board procedures," Col. Daniel Laseria, ADRB member said. "Reinstating our traveling panels allows us to more effectively connect with our customer and provide an opportunity to those who can't easily travel to the DC area."

The ADRB reviews and makes decisions based on the merit of individual cases. It is not authorized to revoke any discharge, to reinstate any person who has been separated from the Army, or to recall any person to active duty. However, the board's review of the applicant's submission may yield findings that validate changing the characterization of service and/or the reason for discharge based on standards of equity or propriety. Additionally, bad-conduct discharges given as a result of a special court-martial may be upgraded only on the basis of clemency.

The current Atlanta trip was in response to congressional, applicant, and veteran service organization (VSO) feedback, according to Laseria. More panels are planned for the future and will be announced via Army websites, media and outreach activities, she added.

Soldiers and veterans may submit applications online through the ARBA website at http://arba.army.pentagon.mil/abcmr-app.cfm or by mailing DD Form 293, Application for the Review of Discharge, which is available in fillable PDF format at http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/forms/dd/ddforms0001-0499.htm.

If the soldier or veteran is deceased or incapacitated, the surviving spouse, next of kin, or a legal representative may apply on the member's behalf. The application must include documentation to prove this relationship such as a certified copy of a marriage license, death certificate, or power of attorney as appropriate.

Blank application forms can also be obtained from any military personnel/human resource office or by sending a request to the address below.

Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA)

251 18th Street South, Suite 385

Arlington, VA 22202-3531

Those approved to participate in the board will be given more detailed instructions as the date of the board draws near.

Discharges greater than 15 years old, or due to a general court martial are handled separately by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) and require a different application process.

For assistance and more information, please contact Mrs. Belvery Garner at 703-571-0572 or at email, Belvery.e.garner.civ@mail.mil.

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