CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- The 22nd Korean Service Corps Company staged its annual mobilization exercise at Pyeongil Elementary School in Pyeongtaek Aug. 2-4.The purpose of the exercise was to rehearse mobilization station operations and assess the organization's capabilities to mobilize a larger force should war come to Korea. One goal was to mobilize 350 new KSCs in a 24-hour period.The exercise also tested the KSC's ability to issue protective masks, organizational clothing and equipment and Geneva Convention Identification Cards.The KSC is a go-to-war paramilitary organization that performs a vital mission in support of U.S. Forces Korea and 8th Army. Day to day they keep installations running by filling important roles in administration, public works, logistics and transportation; during wartime they're part of the force that remains, donning uniforms and serving with combat units to ensure they have the support they need to fight and win.According to KSC battalion commander, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Adam L. Lowmaster, there are 17 KSC companies with 2,185 members serving at installations from Camp Casey in the north to Busan in the southeast. In time of war their numbers grow to about 22,000 organized into 150 companies headquartered in Seoul, Pyeongtaek, Daegu and Busan.Republic of Korea Army reserve officers lead the KSC companies and platoons. As much as possible, the officers are assigned to companies and platoons whose mission is close to their branch, e.g. infantry, artillery, armor, engineer, signal, ordnance, quartermaster, transportation and chemical.The members of each KSC company are a mix of general labor forces and skilled professionals. A KSC company has several functional platoons, each with a unique mission: ambulance, heavy construction (bulldozer, crane, forklift and excavator operators), heavy vehicle drivers, maintenance (mechanics, welders, and wrecker operator), facility support (sheet metal mechanics, electricians, masons, carpenters and plumbers) and cooks.Lowmaster said the KSC Mobilization Exercise provided valuable training opportunities for the members of the 22nd KSC Company."The Pyeongtaek Mobilization Exercise or MOBEX is a great opportunity for us to rehearse and improve our methods and systems of conducting the critical task of mobilizing ROK personnel for service in the Korean Service Corps," he said. "Working with the Military Manpower Agency and Pyeongtaek city officials, the 22nd KSC had the opportunity to establish stations that supported the in-processing, equipping, and training of category I and II ROK personnel before linking-up with their U.S. supported units."Lowmaster said the 22nd KSC learned many valuable lessons during the exercise; he also praised company commander, Ho, Myong Tong."Under the leadership of Commander Ho, the 22nd KSC has done an incredible job in coordinating and synchronizing this exercise and gained many valuable lessons to continue improving their process."