Prepared Kids Competition

What is it'

To celebrate Month of the Military Child, Ready Army is launching the Prepared Kids competition. Prepared Kids recognizes the creativity, strength and spirit of Army children by inviting everyone 18 years of age and under, to share their unique perspectives on the theme, Prepare Strong! The competition provides an Army-wide forum for our children to express their thoughts on preparing for natural and man-made emergencies, and an opportunity for families to come together to discuss this important issue.

What has the Army done'

Last September, the Army launched a proactive community awareness campaign called Ready Army to encourage individual and family preparedness. As hurricane season approaches, Ready ArmyAca,!a,,cs Prepared Kids competition reminds Soldiers and families of the resources available to protect Army families from all hazards, and provides a creative forum for family preparedness activities.

What does the Army have planned'

Prepared Kids empowers children to use their unique talents to tell their personal stories of preparedness. Entries may be a drawing, song, video, public service announcement or any other creative medium related to the theme, Prepare Strong! suggested focus areas include getting an emergency supply kit, making a family emergency plan, preparing to take care of pets, being informed about the range of hazards, and getting involved in community activities to build preparedness. Children may enter as individuals or in groups. Entire classrooms are welcome!

Prepared Kids runs from April 1 to August 12 when finalists will be posted on Ready Army Web site for a one-week open voting session. Winners in each category will be announced during September, Aca,!A"National Preparedness MonthAca,!A? and incorporated into the 2010 Ready Army campaign, showing that everyone in the Army family has a voice to inspire others to prepare.

Why is this important to the Army'

Emergency preparedness saves lives and mitigates the effects of a disaster; however research shows that most Americans, including military families, consider themselves to be more prepared than in reality.

The Army is committed to preparing for all hazards and caring for Soldiers and Families. Through Prepared Kids, our children and teens are encouraged to participate in age appropriate, educational and fun activities that will enhance their physical, emotional and mental strength.

Our children are the future of our nation and an important part of the Army family. Prepare Strong!


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