Linda Lee moves at a steady pace through the hallways of the second floor of Fort Jackson's Strom Thurmond Building.She and two women are chatting while further down the hall the silhouettes of three others disappear around a corner."We call ourselves the window watchers and them the fast pacers," she said. "We take our time, like when you're just window shopping, and the other group moves fast."During the week, six ladies from Room 210 get together twice a day for 15 minutes to walk around the building. Each time they do 10 laps around."There's no way you can get tired when you're walking and talking," said Lee.These ladies aren't the only group in the Strom Thurmond Building that are getting active in the workplace. At different times of the day you can see individuals and groups walking around the hallways.In 2015, the Physical Activity Council, an organization made up of made of sports and manufacturer associations, reported that the inactivity level in people ages 25 to 44 is 25 percent. It is 30 percent for ages 45 to 54 , 35 percent for people 55 to 64 and 40 percent for people 65 and up.Walking is beneficial because it improves circulation, leads to a longer life span, improves sleep and can even lighten your mood.Bertna White, one of the window watches, says she's seen some of those benefits."I've noticed I've been sleeping better and I'm not tired when I get off," said White. "I've lost a couple of pounds doing this also. My clothes don't fit like they used to."