Hiring our Heroes
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Hiring our Heroes
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Active duty Soldiers at Fort Jackson use job fair to get a jump start into the transition from military to civilian life.

Twenty percent of veterans have trouble transitioning from military to civilian life, according to hireourheroes.com. Fort Jackson hosted a Hiring Our Heroes job fair at the Solomon Center Aug. 2.

The event was open to veterans, transitioning Service members and military family members.

"I've been homeless and unemployed," said Ernie Lombardi, a Hiring Our Heroes associate with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. "I don't want to see any of my brothers and sisters go

through that."

"Companies I have a mission for you," he said. "Be the hero to put our heroes to work."

About 100 organizations were represented at the fair. An employment workshop was given before the event to help with resume writing and networking.

"The best candidate is never going to get the job if your resume doesn't speak to your skills," said James Shelton who is the military relations manager at Lockheed Martin during the class. "You

have to make bold the skills you want to stand out."

Shelton also suggested to the participants of the class to take all military jargon from off their resumes. That includes changing your military title to something that's more relatable to the civilian


"I was a first sergeant when I was in the military," said Shelton.

"I had to think 'well what do I do as a first sergeant.' I supervised so I put supervisor on my resume."

Lt. Col Donald Elliott from the U.S. Army Adjutant General School said he's already gone through his resume and removed the military language. He's retiring in a year after 28 years of service

and says he's not nervous about the job search.

"There are so many resources for veterans that are retiring. I am confident that the skills that I picked up in the military will cross over in the civilian career."

Sgt. Remonda Frierson, of Echo Company, 369th Adjutant General Battalion, goes on terminal leave in December and said she's going to try to stay confident.

"I've been in this uniform for 21 years," said Frierson . "It's going to be a little shaky at first but I'm not waiting till the last minute to start looking."