Garrison Commander Col. James Ellerson Jr. said he wants to change the culture of recycling at Fort Jackson.During the Environmental and Energy meeting at Post Headquarters Wednesday, Ellerson recognized Fort Jackson's recycling efforts for the quarter."I want to change the mindset and culture of recycling and get more involved as an installation," he said. "It benefits all of us."Ellerson and Recycle Center Branch Chief Ernest Dicks presented awards during the meeting to the three units who recycled the most in their category. The quarter's winners were: 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, for the Initial Recruit Training category; Moncrief Army Community Hospital for Large Unit; and Special Troops Battalion for the All Other category.Collectively, the three units recycled approximately 50,000 pounds of trash, according to Dicks' report."I get a lot of help from the units. We have about 85 percent of the installation recycling," he said.