FORTGORDON, Ga. --Audriana Llinas, a Greenbrier High School senior and Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training cadet, organized a 5K run recently to raise money for the Warrior Transition Battalion and Fort Gordon's Fisher House as part of her senior project. More than 700 people showed up for the event that was held on the track around Barton Field Jan 31.

Llinas' father, Master Sgt. Jaime Llinas, is stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.

When asked what inspired her to think of a 5K run fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors, she said, "my teacher told me to choose something that I would be motivated and passionate about and I decided to combine my two most favorite things, running and the military and that is how I got the idea to host a 5K run."

Both father and daughter like to run and it's one of their favorite activities when they are together. They also said they like to walk their dogs, go fishing, shop for bargains and do yard work together.

Her dad supports her decision to go into the military and said, " (It's a ) great decision, I think this will make her a better overall person; I was a little concerned at first, but once I knew she took a look at all of the other branches and settled on the Marine Corps, that was her decision and no one else's. I stand 100 percent behind her choice and feel very proud of her."

About his own career as a Soldier and as a father he said, "It has helped me be a better listener and show leadership, discipline and also show compassion. Lead by example...your children watch you and learn by your actions, always show them the right way and always make sure they show respect. Being a good dad and a good NCO go hand in hand. I have learned a lot about the younger generation from my daughter, and this has made me more aware of the younger Soldiers entering the military and how to deal with their different ways of handling situations."

What does he think is in store for his daughter' "There are more opportunities now for Soldiers to further their education even on deployments due to the advanced technology (for example, Internet access on the battlefield). This will only be a positive for her career and open up wider ranges for her career advancements.

What does she think about her father's career as a successful noncommissioned officer' She appreciates his leadership abilities, strong self-discipline, strong motivation skills, compassion for others and his ability to adapt in stressful situations.

After graduation she plans to go to a four year college on a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship to study physics or aeronautical science. "My main goal after college is to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I would like to fly helicopters in the Marines after being commissioned," she said.

She is also a member of the National Honor Society and the National Hispanic Honor Society.