(CAMP UJMAJOR, Hungary) - Soldiers from 5th Squadron, 7th Calvary Regiment qualified Bradley crews and sections at Camp Ujmajor, Hungary July 21 as the squadron continues to progress through their gunnery qualification tables.

Capt. Michael Benson, the commander for Troop A, 5th Sqdn., 7th Cav. Rgmt., said the training focused on the section leaders' ability to conduct troop leading procedures and communicate while maneuvering and engaging targets.

"Definitely great training through the troop leading process and getting the junior section sergeants to actually run through and write an operations order," said Benson. "Many of them don't have a lot of experience doing it prior to this training."

Benson said it was the first time several of the junior leaders qualified as a section sergeant, which was an opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills as they progress to the next level.

Staff Sgt. Christino Nelper, a section sergeant for Troop A, said shooting section level gunnery put the section sergeant in position to train and mentor junior soldiers on how to work as a team when being in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle crew.

The squadron continues to progress through their gunnery tables as they build up to a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise in August, where they will incorporate their Hungarian Allies.

"We are going to integrate Hungarian Soldiers into the troop live-fire and the CALFEX," said Benson. "The troop will place Hungarian Soldiers as dismounts to be the eyes and ears on the ground for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle crews, with six Hungarian Soldiers per each Bradley."

Benson said adding the Hungarian Soldiers into the live-fire training will help build interoperability between the two countries as they get a better understanding of their respective tactics and procedures.

"We're looking forward to building that relationship were they understand the expectation of them as a dismounted Soldier in coordination with the Bradleys," said Benson.

The squadron is currently in Hungary as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a demonstration of continued U.S. commitment to the collective security of NATO allies and partners and to enduring stability in the region.