USAG RED CLOUD, South Korea Aca,!" Soldiers came to watch and participate in a wrestling tournament held Feb. 14 at the USAG- Red Cloud Fitness Center.

The tournament kicked off at 10 a.m. with a weigh in followed by a safety briefing. The matches began at 1:30 p.m.

The tournament consisted of four double-elimination matches, each match consisting of three 2- minute periods. The wrestler with the most points at the end of the period won the period and the wrestler that wins two out of the three periods wins the match.

The first match was Ryan Wilson, against Patrick Rautert, where Rautert continued on and defeated Justin Uno.

Rautert, who had clinched a spot in the championship fight, was then able to have a resting period while Uno wrestled against Wilson in the deciding match of who will face Rautert in the final championship match. Wilson came out strong very early in the match, but was unable to defeat Uno, who defeated Wilson in the first two periods.

As soon as Stacy Sparks began the match, the two Soldiers went after each other immediately. Rautert won the first period 2-0 but Uno, who weighed in as the lightest wrestler of the event, came back and defeated Rautert in the second period 3-2.

With the Championship on the line and the score even, the final period was the highlight of the event. Uno put Rautert in a commanding hold, yet Rautert managed to escape and receive the first point of the period.

"He slipped up a little right there and I capitalized on his mistake," Rautert said. "I didn't come here to win a trophy, I just love to wrestle, who has been wrestling since junior high school."

Rautert took the lead and never gave it back as he won the final match 3-0 for first place.

"Uno was a tough opponent; he deserved a rematch because he wrestled very well against Wilson and me," Rautert said. "I just started pushing a little harder because it really is mostly will power in the end," Rautert added, explaining what was going in his head during the third period of the championship match.

Uno was designated as the runner up and Wilson was rewarded with 3. Michael Gossett, who was in a higher weight class, received 1 as well since no one showed up to wrestle against him. Although he won by technicality, Gossett said he is looking forward to the next tournament in May.