CASEY GARRISON - More than 200 Soldiers, Civilians and Family members gathered in the Gateway club on USAG-Casey the evening of Feb. 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day. The party was sponsored by the Casey Community Activity Center and supported by the Gateway Club. The celebration included prize drawings, a karaoke competition, and prizes for the best dressed couple, and giveaways.

"We wanted to do a Family oriented event for Valentine's Day this year," said Sally Hall, USAG-Casey CAC manager. "All our programs are for Soldiers and since we have more Soldiers with Families now, we wanted a Family Valentine's Day."

Planning for the event began more than a month ago with a decision to make it a partnered event with the Gateway Club providing the food and space.

"At first we were worried because this event was planned during a long holiday weekend," Hall said. "We were keeping our fingers crossed because we knew many Soldiers and their Families may have made other plans."

Best dressed couple award winners Cpl. Dustin Grissom and his wife Stormy dressed for success in that category before coming to the Gateway.

"We purposefully dressed to win the 'best dressed couple' award tonight," Stormy said. "I had a different dress picked out, but my husband suggested I wear this one and we got lucky."

"Before we came to the party, we knew we were happy with each other," Grissom said. "This is a wonderful event and were glad to see so many people there."