An Army Green to Gold Program recipient took command of Fort Leonard Wood's 1st Engineer Brigade during a change-of-command ceremony Friday on Gammon Field.

Col. Martin Snider, who began his Army career as an enlisted helicopter mechanic in Germany, assumed command from Col. Heather Warden.

"Having the privilege to lead the 1st Engineer Brigade team has no doubt been the highlight of my career," said Warden, who is being assigned to U.S. Africa Command in Stuttgart, Germany. "This team represents all that is great about our Army and our nation."

Warden praised the brigade's drill sergeants, Advanced Individual Training platoon sergeants, instructors and support cadre as "the best in the Army." She said the company and battalion command teams are "servant leaders and competent professionals who consistently seek ways to improve their organizations and the value of training they provide."

"Experts in their functions" are the words she used to describe the 1st Eng. Bde. staff.

Warden said the unit's civilian employees and Families are the "true heroes on the team."

"Each day it was awe-inspiring to observe this amazing team operate within my general guidelines and on their own initiatives to successfully execute our mission to train the world's best engineers -- Sappers," Warden said. "It has been my most cherished privilege and honor to be called your commander."

Snider referenced the Sappers in his brief remarks, saying "At the core of the Sapper brigade, we will train engineers who are capabilities focused, principled by Army Values."

After completing the Green to Gold Program, Snider received his commission into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1993 upon graduating from Texas Tech University.

"Sherry and I started our journey here about 23 years ago," Snider said. "It is great to be back. Although the post has changed much since then, the mission has not."

His last two assignments were as Base Support Battalion commander in Northern Kuwait and as U.S. European Command deputy engineer.

He is a graduate of the airborne and air assault schools. He is also the recipient of the Army Engineer Association's Bronze de Fluery Medal and Maj. Gen. Aubrey "Red" Newman award.

"We will train the foundation of the regiment," Snider said. "We will be accountable to our teammates, our Army and our country. We will be worthy."

The 1st Engineer Brigade trains and develops engineer Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines for full-spectrum operations to fight and win the nation's wars. The brigade is comprised of the 31st, 35th, 169th and 554th engineer battalions.

The brigade can trace it roots to the 1st Engineer Amphibian Brigade that was activated June of 1942.