CAMP HENRY, South Korea-- With close to an $8 million annual budget and approximately 400 personnel, the Directorate for Maintenance, Materiel Support Command-Korea, 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command's Theater Sustainment Readiness Program extends the life of military equipment in the Pacific Theater of operation.Located at Camp Carroll, South Korea, MSC-K's TSRP is the only one-stop shop for military units within the Korean Peninsula to maintain equipment readiness in a "fight tonight" capacity.From tactical and combat vehicles, trailers, generators, to weapons, optics and communication equipment, the Major Assembly Division is in charge of making sure every piece of equipment received is returned to the units in a condition equivalent to U.S. Army rebuild standards."The team here takes great pride in ensuring units' mission readiness," said Anthony Hardy, the Chief of the Major Assembly Division. "The workers here have a personal stake in the success of our program.""The majority of the organization is comprised of Korean nationals and some have been with us for more than 40 years," Hardy continued. "Their experience and knowledge, as well as their patriotism, contribute immensely to our success."Depending on what type of equipment Hardy's team receives there is a standard turn around time in which units can expect their equipment will be ready and returned."Once units identify equipment for submission to TSRP, the 19th ESC Support Operations schedules when we receive them and then the clock starts," Hardy stated.The organization's Heavy Equipment Division does the bulk of the workload."When a tank, Humvee or any vehicle arrives we strip it down as close to the frame as possible," said Thomas Robertson, the chief of the Heavy Equipment Division. "From there, all parts and equipment get sent to their respective division for inspection, testing and repair.""We have the capability of testing and repairing every vehicle and subcomponent associated with vehicle here at our facility," said Robertson. "Our staff is trained and knowledgeable and are up to date on any new changes of all incoming equipment."From welding, chassis dynamometer testing, to hose fabrication and canvas repair, the Heavy Equipment division can return any vehicle, from a self-propelled Howitzer to a snow plow, better than when it arrived."That's just scratching the surface on what we are capable of here," added Hardy. "We have an electronics division that ensures radios and optics are in working order as well as an armament branch that deals in modifications and repairs."Hardy further explained that during the whole process the Production Control Division supports customers by providing updates on their status as well as track progress of our maintenance shops."Once repaired to Army Maintenance Standard and thoroughly checked by our inspectors the end item is then returned to their unit," concluded Hardy.With the partnership and dedication of every team member, both American and Korean national, the TSRP continues to be an important asset for the defense and security of the Republic of Korea.