FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Both beginner and seasoned weightlifters can improve their technique during a four-week Weightlifting Foundation Class beginning Aug. 9.

The class will include proper stretching techniques and basic nutrition for weightlifting. This time is designed to give participants personalized guidance to enhance their current routine or make them comfortable in a gym setting. The instructor will work with individuals independently and guide them around any personal limitations, Lynn Avila, Fort Rucker fitness program coordinator, said.

"Proper form and solid technique are key components to effectively strengthening muscle groups both safely and efficiently," Avila said. "Establishing good habits when lifting can prevent injury. It is always important to remain safe."

Classes will take place Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning 9 a.m. at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center on Andrews Avenue. Cost is $75 per person and participants must preregister for the class.

Participants will learn dynamic workouts designed to warm up and lightly stretch muscle groups before beginning a lifting session, according to Avila.

"Properly warming up before a workout is a key component in preventing injury," she said. "Think of a muscle like a rubber band. If you have been inactive for a while, the muscle becomes tight and difficult to stretch. As you lightly stretch the rubber band, it becomes more pliable and less likely to tear or break."

Instructors will work with participants independently and guide them on appropriate amounts of weight to use for their warm-ups, as well as their workouts. They will also be able to help participants safely surpass personal limitations and strengthen lifting weaknesses, she added.

"There will be a session devoted completely to programming and how to develop your own weightlifting program," Avila said. "If their goal is to gain muscle or lose weight, they will know how to lift and train for each end-state goal. Also, we will be going over proper nutrition for weightlifting, pre- and post-workout."

Beginners will find the class especially helpful, according to Avila. Instructors will take time during the course of the class to demonstrate the proper use of various types of weight-training equipment throughout the gym. Seasoned weightlifters may also benefit from the class.

"It is not difficult to let your weightlifting form slip or to establish bad habits in weight training," Avila said. "This class can help refresh your knowledge, improve your form and continue pushing toward your individual goals.

"That is the common thread of the class, really," she added. "We want to help everyone safely and effectively reach their individual goals. Maybe you want improve basic overall body strength and build fat-burning muscle? Maybe you want to lift heavier weigh and shatter personal records? This class can help you achieve your goals."

For more information, call 255-2296 or 255-3794.