Tooele Army Depot said goodbye and thanked the highest ranking civil service employee on his retirement, Jan. 29, 2009. Rodney J. Huff left behind a legacy in a career culminating over 38 years of service to the Department of Defense.

It was not until November 2005, that he began his most recent duty as the deputy to the commander at Tooele Army Depot.

During a visit to the depot February 12, Commanding General of Joint Munitions Command, Brig. Gen. Larry Wyche recognized Huff for his contributions to JMC and the Army by presenting him with the Meritorious Civilian Services Award signed by Gen. Ann Dunwoody, commanding general of the U.S. Army Materiel Command.

Huff was also presented a retirement certificate and the U.S. flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol at the request of the Honorable Robert F. Bennett, the Senator from Utah.

"Diversity is great," Wyche said. "This gentleman brought diversity to the team. He knew when to be tough and when to settle down a bit and that's what good leaders do."

Huff not only received praise at the event, he also gave it.

"I really appreciate Brig. Gen. Wyche for taking time out of his visit to the depot to present me with these awards. It is truly an honor. I also would like to thank Col. Dennis-Lowman for her support to me while I was her deputy and welcome Rick Nesbitt to the best depot in Joint Munitions Command," Huff said.

Huff also thanked all the directors and staff members for their support and professionalism they had given him over the past 38 years. He also provided guidance.

"Words of advice: never forget that TEAD is the best depot to work at. Everyone must take control and step up to help make Rick's tour a success, " he said.

Through Huff's leadership, the depot shipped more than 20,000 documents, mostly in direct support of the warfighter on the battlefield or to complete critical training.

To further enhance operational abilities, Huff oversaw the completion of ISO 9001:2000 of the entire Ammunition Mission Directorate. This 18 month effort put TEAD ahead of other ammunition/logistic sites.

Under his supervision and leadership the depot launched an intensive safety program. Fiscal Year 2008 was the safest year on record for the depot and currently the best record within the DoD. To date, there were only two injuries reported in FY08, with 412 days since the last lost time injury with an 83 percent reduction of recordable injuries from FY07 to FY08.

Huff was responsible for $1.4 million in permanent personnel reductions at Tooele. FY09 labor rate was $4.00 an hour lower as result of these permanent reductions.

Of his greatest accomplishments, Huff led the TEAD Team in bringing former chemical storage sites back to conventional ammunition use as this will have a positive effect on the Army and our warfighters.

Huff is ready for the next chapter in his life. Although he has many plans and goals for his retirement, he stated jokingly that his immediate focus will be catching up on some sleep that was lost since the events of 9-11.