FORT SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS (June 28, 2016) -- The U.S. Army Installation Management Command hosted a worldwide town hall with the Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy via teleconference Jun. 28.More than 70 garrisons connected to the town hall and employees were able to stream it live online.In his opening remarks, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Dahl, the IMCOM commanding general, said he asked Murphy to speak directly to the 58,000 civilians in the IMCOM workforce about transformations in the Army during an office call about a month ago."It was great for me to hear it," said Dahl. "But you really need to hear it and you need to hear it from your senior civilian leadership," he told the world-wide audience.Wherever possible, IMCOM leaders invited soldiers and civilians to gather in theaters and conference rooms to participate. Where that wasn't available a live stream was provided so employees could watch from their desks."I want to talk to the Army team," said Murphy. "The Army team is 1.3 million strong with 1 million Soldiers and 300,000 civilians. We are one team, one fight… My job is to fight for the Army."Murphy emphasized the Army's number one priority is readiness, which meant being ready to fight tonight."We have to be ready to go," he said "That readiness is at an individual level, installation level and Army as an institution. We are all part of that readiness."Murphy also said the Army has to do more with less. The Army has $100 billion less than it did five years ago, so every dollar counts. He stressed everyone has to make sure we are not wasting that money.Murphy also said that IMCOM is a true partner in what the Army is trying to do and appreciates what we do for the Army Team.Employees had an opportunity to ask questions and learn what the Army leadership is planning for the Army's future following his comments. The questions ranged from transformation, Soldier for Life, and public/private partnerships to telling the Army's story.He encouraged everyone to follow him on social media and to connect with the American public through it."We have to do a better job of telling the Army story," said Murphy. "Every single one of us are a recruiting officer. We should be asking ourselves what we are doing to talk about the Army to our sons and daughters - our nieces and nephews."The town hall ended with Murphy thanking the workforce for everything that they do.IMCOM employee Alfreda Arnold thought that it was "a wonderful thing" that Murphy was able to take time out of his schedule and bring some light to the issues that are going on with the Army.Melissa Sturgeon, the IMCOM deputy director for operations, said it was great seeing and hearing Murphy on the teleconference because it demonstrated his passion for the Army."It is nice to see that level of enthusiasm and that energy applied to leading the Army," said Sturgeon. "That make us more excited to do our job and it was obvious that he values our command."