Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC): This course is designed to teach personnel selected as instructors the basic skills and knowledge to plan and present instruction. It consists of five modules that will be taught in an 80 hour course. During this course you will be evaluated on your instructor skills as you present instruction to your classmates. Currently the Army is piloting the Foundation Instructor/Facilitator Course that will soon replace ABIC.

Foundation Instructor/Facilitator Course (FIFC): This course introduces students to basic instruction and facilitation techniques and methods. Course content is presented in two phases. Phase I lessons are presented as interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) that prepares students for Phase II blended learning lessons that are presented in Army schools. There students will generalize the concepts introduced in Phase I and apply them to the methods, techniques, and skills required for preparing and delivering Army instruction.

Course Length:

The Phase I IMI training is two days of training and the Phase II portion of the course is designed to be taught in 64 hours for a total of 80 hours of instruction.


The objective of the courses is to certify Army Instructors in the concepts of the Army Learning Model 2015.

Graduation Requirements:

Students must attend all classes. They must receive an overall average score of 80% or higher on the Conference and Demonstration/PE methods of instruction and receive a score of 80% or higher on the final presentation, Facilitation Skills Instruction.


Currently there are open enrollments. Please check with your unit Schools manager to be enrolled into ATRRS.

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