Biedrusko, POLAND - On the lawn of the historic Biedrusko Palace, 173rd Support Battalion paratroopers and Polish soldiers proudly stood together and showcased equipment and vehicles from their respective countries. This static display exhibited not only capabilities, but the strength of the relationship between the Polish soldiers, the citizens of Biedrusko, and the support battalion's paratroopers June 11, 2016. Paratroopers and soldiers of the Polish 14th Garrison Support Unit guided interested citizens through the array of tactical vehicles and equipment positioned in the display. The static display, positioned along the entryway to the palace opened in conjunction with a local fair, which commemorated Polish military traditions that have existed in Biedrusko since World War I.As groups of Polish citizens walked towards the palace, 173rd Brigade Support Battalion paratroopers received them and talked them through the features and characteristics of their vehicle or piece of equipment. The most popular display featured an up-armored Humvee, which was showcased as the workhorse of the U.S. Army and, by the reaction of many Polish citizens, its most recognizable vehicle. 1st Lt. Stephen Yashinski remarked on the importance of the Humvee to the battalion's support capabilities."It's the muscle behind our operations. It provides force protection to our resupply operations and to the Brigade Support Area," said Yashinski.Another popular attraction was the M984 Wrecker, which gives the support battalion the ability to conduct vehicle recovery operations. Guests were encouraged to climb aboard and familiarize themselves with the vehicle. Earlier that week, Bravo Company, 173rd Support Battalion used this wrecker during recovery training along with their counterparts from the Polish army.Additional attractions to the display included a model Role I medical station, which showcased the medical capabilities of the battalion. This station gives the battalion the capability to provide basic lifesaving and evacuation of casualties. Additionally, the battalion presented its mission of aerial delivery and resupply, through and exhibit of the Low Cost Low Altitude capability. Paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade depend upon the ability of the headquarters company to deliver supplies this way in order to sustain combat operations.The hosts of the event, the 14th GSU, also presented their own contributions to the static display. Among the Polish vehicles placed on display, the Rosomak, a vehicle similar to the Stryker, was presented and attracted a steady stream of admirers from 173rd Support Battalion Paratroopers and the Polish public.This event represented the culmination of the support battallion's training with their Polish allies. Over the past two weeks, the battalion conducted a mounted crew served weapons range, vehicle recovery training and many other basic Soldier skills, including basic rifle marksmanship, day and night drivers training, land navigation and medical lanes. At the small arms ranges and vehicle recovery training U.S. and Polish Soldiers worked together to learn each army's equipment and recovery techniques. The paratroopers developed a greater understanding of their Polish counterparts and strengthened their own expertise.