Team,We have a new mission inside of Europe.Camp Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania, and Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, are forward operating sites that support EUCOM's mission in East Europe.Both are contingency bases, but unlike other places around the world, they are not located in a hostile fire or hazardous duty location. This is a great opportunity for our Army professionals to gain experience in a contingency base environment without some of the hazards that many of you have encountered in places like Afghanistan or Iraq.IMCOM-Europe is assuming responsibility for base operations at Camp MK and Novo Selo with IMCOM personnel to bringing expertise and experience to these contingency bases. We are offering an opportunity for our IMCOM-Europe employees to volunteer for this exciting new mission, while living in Romania and Bulgaria.If interested, please read this entire letter, which explains the pros and cons (there are some of each). If you are interested and qualify for any of the positions listed at the end, send your resume to of USAG Ansbach S1.He will screen and send resumes to CPAC for their concurrence on who meets the criteria to be selected. Employees must be qualified for the position in Romania or Bulgaria just as if the announcements were for openings at U.S. military installations in Germany, Belgium or Italy. Like any Department of the Army civilian job announcement, USAG Ansbach will convene a panel to screen and score qualified resumes. From there, officials will interview applicants just like we would for any other position.The big difference and a big plus for us here: because this process is limited to IMCOM-Europe employees initially, the selection process will be a by-name request. Accordingly, employees must be eligible to be placed noncompetitively to the grade of the position for which the application is submitted.If we cannot fill these positions inside of IMCOM-Europe, then any slot not filled will be announced on USAJOBS. We may not offer an Overseas Tour Extension (OTEX) and bonuses once we go to USAJOBS. That is why this is an early opportunity for you to support a great mission.There are some rules we have to follow concerning promotions for those of you currently serving in a position at a lower grade than the grade of the vacancy. Indicate in your resume why you are eligible or why you meet the requirements for the promotion. CPAC and USAG Ansbach will determine this against OPM qualification standards. They will review your resume and eligibility to make a determination.If you do not meet the requirements, you can make a decision if you want move forward or not. Like any job, we have to meet EEO and OPM rules. This is a great opportunity; but we have to follow the right rules.As mentioned, there are some pros and cons, including:a. This is an eight-hour/40-hour work week. Unlike other contingency bases, there is an opportunity to serve without necessarily working a 72-hour work week. This is not to say there will not be times or days where the unit has to surge to meet support requirements. However, unlike other places our goal here is to have a routine work week. We will assign all volunteers under Temporary Change of Station (TCS) status for 18-24 months while stationed in Romania or Bulgaria.b. Everyone needs to know that folks currently receiving a living quarters allowance (LQA) will have to switch their LQA from one country to another. You will lose your LQA for Germany, Italy or Belgium; however, LQA is offered for both Romania and Bulgaria. Families that continue to reside in Germany, Italy or Belgium will retain Individual Logistics Support (ILS) since this is a temporary assignment. Like all job announcements, CPAC makes the LQA qualification determination. LQA for Romania and Bulgaria is less than Germany for example; however, the cost of living is cheaper in these countries compared to Germany. Plus, with ILS, the offset is not as bad as some think.c. Employees who need an OTEX to remain in Europe will have an opportunity to receive a two-year extension if they are hired for a position in Romania or Bulgaria. That will enable them to take a TCS assignment for 18-24 months and keep their family in Europe. Depending on the employee's current DEROS, some assignments may be shorter but our goal is to make these tour 18-24 months.d. Employees hired during Phase I will receive a 25 percent relocation bonus. Phase I are those positions that we need to fill quickly (in the next 60 days or so). I am offering an immediate relocation bonus if you volunteer and are accepted through the hiring process described earlier. The USAG Ansbach S1 must receive volunteer submissions by June 30 for you to qualify for the relocation bonus. We will decide on Phase II and III positions at a later date.e. Some of our volunteers may receive Involuntary Separate Maintenance Allowance (SMA). Like LQA, CPAC will apply OPM rules to make SMA qualification determination.f. Employees will also receive Post Hardship Differential Allowance (PHDA). As of May 19, PHDA for Romania is 5 percent and 10 percent for Bulgaria. Current rates can be found in the Table of Allowances in Section 920 of the Department of State Standard Rules (DSSR).g. Employees may receive Cost of Living Allowance (COLA). As of May 19, COLA is 15 percent for Bulgaria. Current rates can be found in the Table of Allowances in Section 920 of the DSSR.h. As mentioned, the work week is expected to be a regular 40 hours. The exact duty day at the sites will be determined by your supervisor. Like our jobs in Germany, for example, anything over 40 hours will compensated through overtime or compensatory time. Since these positions are located in Europe, they fall under the FLSA foreign exemption.i. Because Romania and Bulgaria are not hostile fire zones, employees will not receive special R&R leave as they do in Iraq. However, they may take leave as desired just like they would in a garrison today. Supervisors will allocate time for people to take authorized leave so they are not in a use-or-lose status at year's end. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, employees are not able to take all of their leave, appropriate steps will be made to allow them to carry over leave. Although military block leave is not appropriate for civilian employees, supervisors should use a liberal-leave policy for returning civilian employees who wish to take personal time off when consistent with mission needs.j. Shipment of a POV at government expense is not authorized. However, employees may drive their private vehicle to their duty location and file for a reconstructed rate of reimbursement. In other words, the Army will pay up to the amount that it would have cost them to send the employees there by public conveyance.k. Employees will be authorized to ship 600 lbs. of unaccompanied baggage.l. There are always some cons, so I want to be fully transparent with everyone. Those that volunteer to work in Romania or Bulgaria will be responsible for finding their own rental accommodation because there is no Garrison Housing Office like there is at our installations in Italy, Germany or Belgium. You will need to find an apartment or house that has appliances you may need; we do not have loaner appliances like a stove, refrigerator or washer/dryer. With that said, we are told there are plenty of furnished rentals available. There are already Soldiers and DoD Civilians living off post today in cities surrounding Camp MK and Novo Selo who can provide informal help. Government on-post training barracks may be used if available. If an individual resides in government barracks, no LQA will be paid.m. A real "CON" is that any spouse -- who is employed under spouse hire provisions -- of an employee hired for these announcements will lose their position. Spouses who work for IMCOM may request an Exception to Policy (ETP) from the Region Director for one year. Spouses who work for other organizations should request an ETP through their chain of command.Thanks for all that you do every day for our Soldier, Civilians, and their Families. I greatly appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this opportunity. Again if you are interested and qualify for any of the attached 49 positions, send your resume to the USAG Ansbach S1, Available:MK: Deputy Support Team Commander: GS-0301-14 Community Relations Specialist: GS-1035-11 Admin Support Specialist: GS-0303-09 Human Resources Specialist: GS-0201-9/11; Postal Clerk: GS-0303-07 DEERS/RAPIDS Systems Specialist: GS-0303-09 DEERS/RAPIDS Systems Specialist: GS-0303-07 Operations Plan Specialist: GS-0301-13 Management Analyst: GS-0343-11 Supervisor Recreation Specialist: GS-0301-12 Recreation Specialist: GS-0188-09 Recreation Specialist: GS-0189-07 Resource Management Analyst: GS-0501-12 Acquisition Support Analyst: GS-1101-12 Facilities Manager: GS-0801-14 General Engineer: GS-0801-13 Environmental Engineer: GS-0801-11 General Engineer: GS-0801-11 Admin Support Specialist: GS-0303-07 IT Specialist: GS-2210-11 Director, Emergency Services: GS-0301-13 Fire Chief/Emergency Management Specialist: GS-0081-12 AT/FP Program Manager: GS-301-11NSTA: Site Director: GS-0301-14 Public Affairs Specialist: GS-1035-11 Admin Support Specialist: GS-0303-09 Language Assistant: GS-1040-11 Human Resource Specialist: GS-0201-9/11 Postal Clerk: GS-0303-07 Operations Plan Specialist: GS-0301-12 Management Analyst: GS-0343-09 Recreation Specialist: GS-0188-11 Resource Management Analyst: GS-1051-12 Acquisition Support Analyst: GS-1101-12 Facilities Manager: GS-0801-13 General Engineer: GS-0801-12 Environmental Engineer: GS-0801-12 General Engineer: GS-0801-11 IT Specialist: GS-2210-11 Director, Emergency Services: GS-0301-12 Fire Chief/Emergency Management Specialist: GS-0081-12 Physical Security Specialist: GS-0080-11