FORT RUCKER, Ala. (June 17, 2016) -- Children ended a weeklong journey through ancient Egypt during vacation Bible school at Fort Rucker's Main Chapel Complex June 10.

Children learned about the Bible through the eyes of Joseph, who Nancy Jankoski, Fort Rucker Religious Support Office director of religious education, described as "a young person who has many times of hardship, but he maintains his character, his integrity and his faith in God throughout every crisis he faces.

"Joseph can be a role model for children," she added. "He experienced problems in getting along with his brothers, he had to figure out how to survive and thrive in a foreign culture without the support of family and friends. He had to grow in his understanding of life and find a way to overcome difficulties."

According to Jankoski, stations scattered throughout the Spiritual Life Center provided a complete sensory experience for participants.

"After the opening praise celebration, each tribe rotated through a series of activity stations and marketplace shops," she said. "In the activity centers, they participated in skits and music, games from the time of ancient Egypt, and made crafts."

Children rotated through marketplace shops that tapped all five senses during their time at the Life in Egypt station and scribe school, Jankoski added.

The program, open to children kindergarten through sixth grade, created an environment for camaraderie, education and personal growth, Jankoski said.

"The VBS program allows children to be themselves," she said. "They can laugh while putting together dirt, straw and water and mixing it up to form a brick. They can expend their energy doing games that children down thru the ages have done. They can sample treats, try new skills, and make friends. Most importantly, they can understand the importance of their spiritual side."