An Army Reserve female Soldier has been selected as a member of the prestigious Army Golden Knights Parachute Demonstration Team.

Sergeant Jennifer Schaben, is assigned to the 10th Psychological Operations Battalion, St. Louis, MO, was one of five female Soldiers selected in the unit's most recent assessment program.

For Schaben, who only started civilian skydiving in April 2007, becoming a member of the Golden Knights is a dream come true.

"I really liked it (skydiving) after the first time," she said. Her civilian skydiving was interrupted with a deployment to Iraq. After she returned, she again took up the civilian sport and decided she would try out for the Golden Knights.

To be selected to the team, an individual must be on active-duty status, have completed 150 free-fall parachute jumps and have a good military and civilian record.

Individuals submit their packets for selection, a process that includes a rigorous six-week assessment and selection program of training.

Members that successfully completed the six-week training program were knighted in a special ceremony at Fort Bragg, NC as an official member of the Golden Knights.

The demonstration team travels all over the country performing aerial demonstrations at air shows and special events in support of Army recruiting goals.

The two competition teams travel, competing nationally and internationally at various skydiving competitions, continuously bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals. They are the most successful U.S. Department of Defense sports team.

Schaben joined the Army Reserve right out of high school nearly six years ago serving as a medic. During that time, she was able to earn a four-year degree in international studies.

For her, joining the Army Reserve was the right choice to achieve her goal of earning a college degree.

"If you know what you want out of life and the Army, you may have to give a little of yourself to achieve your goals," she said.

Schaben will serve on the team for four years but added, "I'm really glad that I was given this opportunity to give something back."