Fort Jackson's command team gathered at the Soldier Support Institute last Friday to welcome Col. Neal McIntyre, the new commandant of the Adjutant General School.McIntyre was most recently chief of staff for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, and took on a number of roles following last week's ceremony at the SSI auditorium. Not only is McIntyre the 19th chief of the Adjutant General Corps, he's also the 32nd commandant of the Adjutant General School and the 18th chief of Army music.Col. Jack Usrey relinquished command of the school to McIntyre, an exchange of colors that Soldier Support Institute commander Col. Richard Nieberding called "bittersweet.""Unfortunately, we say farewell to one great commandant, but look forward to a great leader stepping into the position," Nieberding said.Last week's sentiments shared a common theme, that of the responsibility of the AG Corps to serve Soldiers and their Families. It was the thread that tied together the many responsibilities of the corps as described by leaders during the ceremony."It's all about serving Soldiers and their Families," said McIntyre, who recently marked 26 years in uniform. "There's nothing more important that we do than that."There was also a common thread of respect in last week's sentiments for Usrey, whose dedication set an important objective for future leaders to meet and, -- possibly -- exceed."Nothing else matters, except taking care of that Soldier, and taking care of that Family," Usrey said. "And that's been my compass."I know I've given you a heavy rucksack, and you've carried it," Usrey said. "And I appreciate that."McIntyre said he was inspired, not discouraged, by Usrey's accomplishments within the AG Corps. "It is often said that, as an incoming leader to an organization, it is best to follow a person who -- let's just say -- fell a little short," McIntyre said."I say, and believe most would agree, that the business of training and developing leaders is too important for that to ever occur here."McIntyre said his new assignment as leader of the AG Corps was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of those goals."As I thought about what I would say today, I found it difficult to put into words just how honored I am for this opportunity," he said. "The opportunity to positively impact our corps and, ultimately, our Army, through direct and extended interaction with the current and next-generation of Army human resource professionals and musicians."