HONOLULU (June 13, 2016)--Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Edmondson, Regional Health Command-Pacific's (RHC-P), Sexual Harassment-Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program Manager, is tasked to nurture open discussions through the Not in My Squad (NIMS) program with RHC-P Soldiers.NIMS is a grassroots approach to creating a climate of dignity, respect and cohesion. The Sgt. Maj. of the Army initiative is designed to empower junior non-commissioned officers (NCO) to effect change in a positive manner.The NIMS program assists commanders with assessing the state of mutual trust and cohesion within their individual unit, which helps to gain situational understanding of the climate in a unit. Based on perceptions, commanders can be directed to resources that can help them reinforce success, make adjustments to strengthen areas of weakness and consider alternatives that can remediate areas of concern.RHC-P is dedicated to ensuring that every Soldier, civilian and family member is treated with dignity and respect, in a safe environment.To learn more about the Army's SHARP program visit www.sexualassault.army.mil