Fort Riley - Almost 12,000 feet above sea level the mountain was alive with activity. Snow covered every inch of the ground and people on skis and snowboards moved from place to place, making their way down one of the many trails.

For some Soldiers, like Spc. Colin Kludt of Waco, Texas, this was their first time participating in a ski trip of any kind. For others, the trip allowed them to practice their skills on the trails.

The Keystone Resort ski trip, sponsored by Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, was under way.

Twenty three Soldiers from Fort Riley traveled to the Keystone Resort in Colorado for a four-day weekend of skiing, snowboarding and nightlife, to include watching Super Bowl XLIII.

The trip, organized by BOSS President Cpl. Winter Young, is known as Snow Fest to the staff at Keystone and has been a part of Keystone's commitment to the military for 18 years, said Tamera Erickson, a program manager for Rocky Mountain Blue.

The Soldiers paid BOSS $150 for admission. The trip included transportation to the resort, lodging for four days and lift tickets for one day. The Soldiers also were given cards with information about the activities planned for the weekend.

Keystone Resort provided many opportunities for Soldiers to enjoy themselves, including mountain activities during the day and night, and various social venues where Soldiers could relax and have fun in the surrounding community.

The mountain was well suited for experienced riders and beginners, with every level of difficulty from "green" for novices to "black" for only the most experienced riders.

"It's a good mountain," said Young. "To have a three-mile green trail is perfect for beginners and people who are trying to learn when they come here for the trip."

The ski trip is only one of the many ways that BOSS helps improve the way of life for Soldiers.

"Get involved" said Young. "If you're a single Soldier in the Army and you're not involved with BOSS, you have the wrong answer."