The DEERS/ID card section on the Fort Myer portion of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall now accepts appointments online. Appointments can be made by visiting online. Available dates are annotated in green on the site. Customers merely select the available date and appointment time, in put a few details, and click "submit."This new system will allow customers to lock in an appointment online instead of walking in to the office in hopes of an available time slot. While the new web appointment system can be used now, the earliest appointments available are at month's end.Those who are unable to access the website can still call the DEERS/ID card section to make an appointment at 703-696-2188.The website listed above contains full details of what actions the Fort Myer DEERS/ID card section can take, as well as what paperwork is required from patrons. This information is located below for ease of access:Addresses for GPS Some devices may not accurately display our location. If using Google Maps or Apple Maps, search for Fort Myer Military Personnel Division. A search using the street address typically returns an incorrect location.Foreign Military Affiliates and Their Dependents For INITIAL CAC, or dependent ID cards for Foreign Military, contact a Site Security Manager at 703-696-3030 or Mr. Middleton ( andrew.s.middleton.civ at ). Do not use this scheduler; Appointments scheduled on this site will not be honored.Membros de Forças Militares Estrangeiras Para CAC INICIAL, ou cartões de identificação inicial para dependentes de membros militares estrangeiros, por favor entre em contato com o Sr. Middleton ( andrew.s.middleton.civ at ). Não use este site.Miembros de las Fuerzas Militares Extranjeras Para CAC INICIAL, o tarjetas de identificación para dependientes de miembros de militares extranjeros, póngase en contacto al Sr. Middleton ( andrew.s.middleton.civ at ) para establecer una cita . No utilice este sitio.Number of Dependents per Appointment Appointments are for individuals only and multiple persons will not be seen under one appointment. Schedule separate appointments for each person.Allocation of Service Time Most customers are seen within 15 minutes of the appointment. However, an appointment is an allocation of service time, and having an appointment does not guarantee that a customer will be seen at a specific time.DEERS Record Changes/Corrections Changes or corrections that don't require either ID issuance or an initial enrollment may be completed without an appointment. Please contact Mr. Middleton ( andrew.s.middleton.civ at ) with the details of your request.RAPIDS Self Service -- ID Card Office Online DoD Common Access Card (CAC) holders may access their DEERS record to make changes, perform CAC/PIV updates (e.g., add or change email certificates), or sign the DD Form 1172-2 using RAPIDS Self-Service (RSS): .Identification Requirements Persons over the age of 18, persons requesting a CAC, and dependent spouses must present two forms of identification for card issuance (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a; FIPS 201-2, subsec 2.7). See for acceptable documents.Identification Requirements, Persons Under 18 Persons under the age of 18 must provide documentation for the initial verification of eligibility/relationship to the sponsor [certified birth certificate and parents' marriage certificate] (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a.(1)).Documentation All documents must be certified by the custodian of the original document (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpars. 4.a and 4.b). A notarized copy may not be considered a certified copy depending on the laws of the state that issued the original document.Additional Documentation Requirements Some changes to records (e.g., promotion, retirement) are not immediate and may take several weeks to appear in the DEERS record. Documentation may be required to update the record before ID issuance.Common Access Card Issuance Persons eligible for a CAC/PIV must be entered into the DEERS database by an authoritative personnel data feed from the appropriate agency.Replacement of Lost or Stolen CAC/PIV Replacement of a lost or stolen CAC/PIV requires documentation from the appropriate security office or CAC sponsor confirming that the CAC has been reported lost or stolen (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar 5.c.(3)).Dependent Enrollment or ID Card Issuance A properly verified and signed DD Form 1172-2 is required for dependent enrollment and ID card issuance. The sponsor must sign the DD Form 1172-2 in the presence of a RAPIDS official, or have the signature notarized, or sign the form with a CAC/PIV.Dependent Children, Student Over 21 A verification of full-time enrollment with anticipated graduation date, and a support statement by the sponsor on the DD Form 1172-2 is required in addition to the other requirements for dependent ID card issuance.Dependent Children, Student Over 21, Break Periods A verification of full-time enrollment during the previous semester and a pre-enrollment verification for the upcoming semester is required to establish or continue benefits over break periods (i.e., Summer).DEERS Enrollment, Spouse Required documents: 1) Marriage certificate, 2) spouse's birth certificate, 3) spouse's social security card, and 4) an acceptable form of picture identification. See .DEERS Enrollment, Child Required documents: 1) Child's birth certificate or hospital proof of birth, and 2) child's social security card. A marriage certificate is required for enrollment of step-children.DEERS Enrollment, Child Born Out of Wedlock For Male Members; Required documents: 1) Court order (judicial determination of paternity) or a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity, 2) child's birth certificate and 3) child's social security card (AFI 36-3026 I, par. 4.9).DEERS Enrollment, Disabled American Veteran Required documents: 1) Letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs showing eligibility, 2) DD Form 214 [Member Copy 4], 3) birth certificate, 4) social security card, and 5) an acceptable form of picture identification.Policy Guidance DoDI 1000.13, (1/23/2014); DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, (1/23/2014); DoDM 1000.13-M-V2, (1/23/2014); Joint Inter-Service Instruction AFI 36-3026 IP, Volume I (6/17/2009)Disclosure This list includes the most commonly encountered scenarios at this facility and is not comprehensive. Please contact our office at 703-696-3030 between 0800 and 1600, Monday - Friday if you require further assistance.Feedback: Provide feedback about the JBM-HH, Ft. Myer DEERS/ID Card Section by visiting .