KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait -- Soldiers and civilians from the 401st Army Field Support Brigade participated in a leadership development tour of the Army Prepositioned Stock-5 watercraft set at Kuwait Naval Base, May 28.The tour included APS-5 watercraft set facilities and a morning boat ride aboard the Army Landing Craft Utility 2008 Buena Vista in the Persian Gulf."People that work inside the brigade headquarters, they're dealing with all these missions on a daily basis, but they don't physically see the operation in motion," said Col. Eric Holliday, chief of operations, 401st AFSB. "We're such a large organization here within the 401st AFSB. It's a great thing to take people out so they can see and visualize exactly what things are, where they are, and what they're used for."Those who participated in the boat ride had the opportunity to explore the engine room and multiple decks, and join the skipper in navigating the vessel."The other piece that these leadership development programs help is when they leave here, most of these officers, enlisted and senior civilians are going to go back and move up in their organizations, and many of them are going to stay within the AMC community," Holliday said."And so as they move up and get pulled into discussions on missions over here in the Middle East, they can say, 'Yeah I'm familiar with watercraft. I was down on one of the boats. I was there and I saw that operation first-hand,'" he said. "So it helps them relate to the decision makers, who may not have ever been on the ground to see things firsthand that way."When the boat was at its furthest offshore the watercraft crew lowered the bow ramp, providing a special scenic setting directly on the water for a re-enlistment ceremony for Sgt. Deivy Perdomo, container management noncommissioned officer, 401st Army Field Support Battalion-Kuwait."It felt great, a once in a life time experience," Perdomo said. "It's not common to have that opportunity and it is an experience that I will always remember."Upon leaving active duty service, Perdomo enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve, which surprised his mother and sister, he said."My mother and sister asked me, 'really the Reserve? We thought you were going to completely get out,'" Perdomo said. "I love the Army and putting on this uniform, I can't just completely walk away, cold turkey. I have to take baby steps. I love being a part of this organization. When I was little my dream was to be a police officer or a soldier and here I am living my dream."After the watercraft tour, participants gathered for a luncheon that included food cooked by 401st AFSB personnel, and a brief hail and farewell.