WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Feb. 12, 2009) -- Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, commanding general of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth, Kan., introduced three mechanisms Wednesday to help with "Fueling Change in our Army."

Caldwell addressed an audience of Army leaders, retirees, Congressional staffers and members of the press at the Association of the United States Army's Institute of Land Warfare breakfast in Arlington, Va., with his presentation "A Comprehensive Approach to Leader Development and Education for our Army"

In order to change the Army, Caldwell advocated first the development of agile and adaptive leaders, then a comprehensive approach to operations and lastly a culture of engagement with the media.

Agile and adaptive leaders

"We must be a lean, agile and rapidly adaptive force with the endurance and knockout power to take on and defeat any opponent, regardless of weight class," Caldwell said.

By carefully studying his adversaries, the middleweight can easily move between weight classes and defeat any opponent, Caldwell said.

"Just as with that middleweight fighter, our Army needs to be equally versatile, equally decisive and equally lethal," Caldwell said.

Teaching students to be creative, critical thinkers; increasing participation in the Command and General Staff College's Interagency Exchange Program; and the stand up of the new Army Physical Fitness Readiness Institute were ways Caldwell explained the Army could form these "agile and adaptive" leaders.

Comprehensive approach to ops

Caldwell's second idea called the Army to forge a comprehensive approach to operations.

"We have to evolve beyond our traditional model of command and control and embrace a more comprehensive model of collaboration, coordination and cooperation in order to overcome the enormous challenges of the 21st century," he said. "You can think of this as trying to apply an industrial-age solution to an information-age problem, but we must look for an information-age solution."

According to the general, the comprehensive approach offers that solution.

Caldwell explained that the Combined Arms Center is already actively working toward this approach. For instance, FM 3-07, Stability Operations has been published, which institutionalizes the comprehensive approach.

Culture of engagement

With the final mechanism of change, Caldwell emphasized the importance of the Army's leaders fostering a culture of engagement.

"We must strengthen their ability to communicate in a wide variety of media, including print, radio, TV, blogs, public speaking, Twitter and written publications," Caldwell said. "Fostering this culture of engagement will help us as an Army better tell the incredible stories of the American Soldier and their families."

Caldwell told members of the audience, with their help, the Army will fuel the critical change it needs.