FORT POLK, Louisiana -- A change of command ceremony between Col. Christopher LaNeve and interim Commander for Operations Group, Col. Mark Olin, took place at the headquarters for the Joint Readiness Training Center Operations Group May 23.This ceremony marks the completion of LaNeve's two years with Operations Group, one of the three combat training centers that conduct tough, realistic, multi-echelon, joint, and combined arms training to train leaders to deal with complex situations; to create flexible, skilled Soldiers; and develop highly proficient, cohesive units capable of conducting operations across the complete continuum of conflict.Fifty percent of the Army's brigade combat teams that have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 have trained at JRTC.Brig. Gen. Gary Brito, commander of the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk, said this is one change of command he did not want to preside over so early in his command here.Brito, like many within LaNeve's formation have grown attached to his leadership and commitment to the mission at JRTC."I am confident that each Soldier, in each echelon, and in each formation left better than we they arrived," said Brito of what JRTC provides in training."The rotations in the box are incredibly complex to run, creating an environment that stresses every single system in a Brigade Combat Team task force," said LaNeve."You and your team have trained the force to standard, and above the standard--a standard that is well known; a standard that is stamped by your trademark of total excellence," said Brito.LaNeve thanked the commanders and staff, and provided personal notes on his experiences the last two years. He also thanked the patriots in the community who provide the role players and who have become Family to him."The mission of JRTC and Fort Polk is one of the most important of our Army and the CTC program is one of our crown jewels," said LaNeve. "Every month we get a chance to become part of a formation to help make them better based off of our experiences in the jobs they are currently in."JRTC provides rigorous and relevant training for deploying Soldiers and prepares units for future operations throughout the world."I have a quote that I write in every green book and I'm going to end it with this: 'to whom much is given, much is expected," said LaNeve. "I said that at my change of command two years ago and I hope I've live up to your expectations, you all have exceeded every one I've ever set for you," said LaNeve.A ceremony will take place at a later date to welcome the arrival of Col. Sean Bernabe, who is completing his assignment as the commander for 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.