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To save or not to save, that's not a question when you've decided to start couponing; it's just going to happen naturally.

"When I first started I was saving maybe 10 percent here, 20 percent there," said Sgt. Kanitra Blount with U.S. Army Garrison. "Now I'm at 50 percent to 80."

As part of Military Spouse Appreciation Month, Blount, along with Army Community Services' Financial Readiness Program, hosted a couponing class called Coupon Craze.

The event was to help bring a better understanding of how using coupons can help with staying on budget.

"It really helps out. If I knew what I know now I would have started doing this sooner," said Jo Johnson-Prince, a military spouse who has been couponing since 2011.

She came to the class to learn more about couponing. Attendees of the event shared their favorite stores to grab coupons as well as their favorite websites and mobile apps to help with saving.

Blount stressed that one of the most important aspects of couponing is making sure you stay organized.

She suggested keeping your coupons in a sorter and sectioning them off by type of coupon. For example keeping all the food coupons together, all the dog coupons together, etc.

She started couponing two years ago when she found out she was pregnant.

"It's not just a hobby it's a lifestyle," said Blount about couponing. "I love seeing that my total was $500 but I spent only less than $100. Who wouldn't love that?"