BAGHDAD - Col. Owen Monconduit, commander of the 225th Engineer Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad met with the commander of the 6th Iraqi Army engineers, Col. Ahmed-Alswedy for the first time in the Karkh district of central Baghdad only Jan. 9.

The implementation of the Security Agreement and use of non-lethal terrain denial operations have led the charge as the Government of Iraq and Coalition Forces focus on joint missions and building strong relationships.

"Our relationship is like a marriage and this is the engagement," said Col Ahmed. "The next time we meet will be the marriage."

The engineers from Louisiana intend to carry on formidable projects started by their predecessors, the 926th Eng. Bde., 4th Infantry Div

"Meeting with Col. Ahmed and touring his facilities today was a wonderful way to begin our relationship," said Col. Monconduit, a native of Pinville, La. "I believe we are building the foundation of a great relationship and I know we can accomplish great things together."

Louisiana engineers arrived in Iraq Jan.28 to begin a 10-month tour where they will work hand in hand with their Iraqi counter parts to help re-build the nation of Iraq and protect its people.