COB Adder, Iraq - The 27th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division Support Operations Shop (SPO) is the planning hub for the battalion. It is broken into five separate sections to include: transportation, medical, supply, maintenance and the Combat Service Support Automations Management (CSSAMO) section.
Cpt. Juan Amador, and the Soldiers assigned to the Rough Rider transportation section coordinates the movement of supplies across the 4th Brigade's area of operations. "Whenever any other units have equipment or supplies to move, they call on 'trans'," said Amador, the Transportation Officer, and native of Jamaica Queens, NY.
The transportation Soldiers work with civilian contractors, and Aviation elements to ensure essential supplies are delivered to other 4th Brigade Soldiers who live in the more remote operating bases in southern Iraq. The mission sometimes requires hundreds of vehicles which transport everything from small vehicles and mechanical parts to ice cream and hygiene products.
The medical Soldiers are responsible for coordinating combined medical engagements involving Rough Rider medics and Iraqi doctors for Iraqi citizens in outlying locations.
The Soldiers transport medicine to 4th Brigade Soldiers, and ensure those troopers at various locations get medical treatment from physician's assistants who are assigned to the battalion.
The Rough Rider medics even coordinate physical therapy and mental health professionals to travel across the battlefield to be there for the Soldiers.
They often request supplies and training equipment in an effort to increase the capabilities and professionalism of the Iraqi Army.
Supply is one of the most diverse shops in the SPO. They provide the 4th brigade with just about anything. They request and deliver water, food and fuel for Soldiers. They also receive the equipment needed to support the remote locations as well.
In seven months, the supply Soldiers have received 20 refrigerated containers, 50,000 gallon fuel bags and a well drilling team to assist in remote locations. Recently they did all of the coordination to ensure the soldiers of 1st Cavalry Division Soldiers received their portion of beer to celebrate the Super Bowl.
The maintenance Soldiers are here to assist the brigade to repair the many types of vehicles that roll across the battlefield. The mechanics work with civilian corporations and military supply sources to expedite the delivery of parts and search the many locations across the world when parts aren't readily available. They also provide expert advice to units when units have trouble figuring out why a vehicle isn't working.
CSSAMO Soldiers install, operate and maintain the combat service support network. They ensure all logistics computer systems throughout the brigade are fully mission capable, and they travel throughout the battlefield installing virus updates, repairing hardware and upgrading the medical and maintenance systems whenever needed.
Although the SPO shop is one of the most diverse sections in the brigade, the Soldiers here work as a team to reach a common goal - support the 4th Brigade Combat Team to accomplish its mission.
"Their unwavering dedication to support is what keeps our Soldiers motivated and in the fight," said Sgt. 1st Class James Vardy, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 12th Calvary Regiment, 1st Cav. Div Logistics section, and native of Lubbock, TX.