Army Public Health Center launches veterinary newsletter

By Essie Pfau and Lt. Col. Wendy Mey, Army Public Health Center (Provisional)May 9, 2016

Veterinary Newsletter
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The Army Public Health Center (Provisional) Veterinary Services Portfolio is proud to announce the launch of Veterinary Connections newsletter. Veterinary Connections is a quarterly newsletter written by Army veterinary services personnel for Service members, retirees and other Department of Defense beneficiaries. The newsletter is designed to provide DOD beneficiaries with practical and useful information about animal health, food safety and one health. One health refers to the interactions between animals, humans and the environment.

The premiere edition includes information beneficiaries can use on such topics as protecting themselves from Salmonella infection resulting from contaminated pet food; keeping their dogs safe from artificial sweetener poisoning; learning about egg safety and learning about the benefits of and special safety considerations when shopping at farmers markets.

Each edition also includes links to help readers locate their local Army veterinary treatment facility, as well as an e-mail address for reader feedback.

Veterinary Connections is currently available for download from the APHC (P) at the link to the right.

Printed copies will be available for customers at Army veterinary treatment facilities. VTF personnel may order print copies from the APHC (P) Health Information Products e-Catalog at

Army veterinary services personnel serve around the world supporting the Department of Defense as proponents for animal health and food protection.

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