1st Squadron (Airborne), 40th Cavalry

By U.S. ArmyApril 22, 2016

1st Squadron (Airborne), 40th Cavalry
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Mission Statement

1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry conducts independent reconnaissance and security missions in support of 4th BCT (ABN), 25th Infantry Division operations.

Command Teams

Squadron Commander: Lt. Col. Mark D. Federovich

Command Sergeant Major: CSM Jan C. Araneta

HHT Commander: CPT Robert Smith

HHT First Sergeant: 1SG Eric W Linn

Apache Troop Commander: CPT Ross Low

Apache Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Erik Carlson

Blackjack Troop Commander: CPT Matthew J Cauda

Blackjack Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Eddie Reyes

Chaos Troop Commander: CPT Linwood Bubar

Chaos Troop First Sergeant: 1SG Robert Gaumond

Devil Company Commander: CPT Ronald C Taylor

Devil Company First Sergeant: 1SG Jose L Concepcion

Family Readiness Group

2LT Stephen McQueen, phone: 907 384-1862

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