Mission Statement

On order, 3-509th IN (ABN) conducts decisive action, to include joint forcible entry, as an Army Contingency Response Force (ACRF) in order to deter adversaries, promote security and peaceful development in the Asia-Pacific and Arctic regions.

Command Teams

Battalion Commander: LTC Matthew Hardman
Command Sergeant Major: CSM Quint Pospisil

HHC Commander: CPT CPT Chris Disponett
HHC First Sergeant: 1SG Patrick Doherty

Able Commander: CPT H. Alexander Boedecker
Able First Sergeant: SFC Andrew Morton

Baker Commander: CPT Austin McNaul
Baker First Sergeant: 1SG Donald Scott

C-Co Commander: CPT Justin Knox
C-Co First Sergeant: 1SG Stephan Beecher-Ledbetter

Dog Commander: CPT Curtis A. Koszuta
Dog First Sergeant: 1SG Jonathan Alexander

Hawk Co Commander: CPT Brett Sullenger
Hawk Co First Sergeant: 1SG John Mast

Family Readiness Group
FRG POC: 1LT Lucas Behler
Lucas.g.behler.mil@mail.mil (859) 663-0181