Army Directive 2016-16 (Changing Management Behavior: Every Dollar Counts)

By U.S. ArmyApril 22, 2016

To be innovative and good stewards of taxpayer dollars and to ensure the highest level of readiness, this new Army directive directs the following changes:

* All major headquarters will establish and track annual performance measures

* Avoid using budget execution data and obligation rates as the primary measure of fiscal success

* Identify and manage total costs of critical processes, especially when funding is divided among multiple commands and sources

* Eliminate the "use it or lose it" funding practices

* Reward leaders of organizations who demonstrate exemplary stewardship and innovative ideas.

This initiative is a recognition that in addition to being the best warfighters in the world, the Army also needs to have leaders that understand and practice good management behaviors; skillfully applying the resources provided to maximize our warfighting capability and capacity, and to making sure every dollar counts.

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