FORT BRAGG, N.C. - The inaugural USASOC International Urban Assault Challenge placed six, four-man teams against each other in a series of ten combat-oriented events that challenged skill level, their training methods and overall knowledge unique to the Special Operations Assaulter. These battle-hardened commandos used their skills to highlight their capabilities and persevere through the unknown. Close quarters battle techniques used in the IUAC are the same ones that U.S. Special Forces use to efficiently conduct surgical strike operations against our nations enemies while safe guarding our soldiers. A member of the Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis Exploitation Techniques cadre emphasized the role CQB plays in making the force more effective. "CQB is extremely complicated and difficult to conduct as it consists of a series of life or death decisions based on the environment you are in, your teammate's actions, and the enemy's actions. This competition provided competitors the opportunity to test their experience, weapon's proficiency and tactical decision making ability against fellow experts in their profession." The challenges had a multitude of events ranging from an endurance event, shooting through and over obstacles, shoot houses and night engagements. One of the SFARTAETC cadre's favorite events was the night scrambler. "It challenges competitors' ability to accurately engage targets at varying distances using their unit's night vision equipment. Testing, refining, and challenging a competitor's ability to operate at night accurately depicts the challenges every assaulter is faced with on the current battlefield," he said. Each of the events was created by SFARTAETC instructors facilitating the competition using specific learning objectives that test the assaulters' abilities to execute each task. Six, four-man teams from United States Army Special Operations Command competed in the four-day event. The 1st Special Forces Group team won the competition. The winners were announced at a small ceremony at Range 37, Fort Bragg, N.C., March 31.