FORT LEE, Va. (April 14, 2016) -- Twenty-one Soldiers from throughout CASCOM are set to vie for distinct honors during the Ultimate Warrior Competition scheduled here Monday -- April 21. Representatives from the Ordnance, Quartermaster and Transportation schools are scheduled to compete as well as those from the Soldier Support Institute at Fort Jackson, S.C. Ultimate Warrior, a takeoff of the Army's Best Warrior Competition, is a skills showcase pitting Soldiers against one another in events such as land navigation, weapons qualification and an Army Physical Fitness Test.Contestants will compete for the titles of Soldier of the Year; Noncommissioned Officer of the Year; Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant of the Year; and Instructor of the Year.The victors in each category will proceed to the higher level Training and Doctrine Command event this August.Sgt. 1st Class Lorenzo P. Souza Jr., operations sergeant, G3/5/7, CASCOM, said Ultimate Warrior is designed to test skills and wills based on the total-Soldier concept."It will be mental, physical, demanding and rigorous," he said. "They'll be tested on the things we do every day as Soldiers. Our intent is to push the competitors to perform their best to win, which in turn better prepare the winners for the next level of competition."If past competitions are any indication, the winners will be those putting forth the maximum effort in each event, said Souza."From what we've seen in the past, Soldiers who pay attention to detail -- they read everything given to them and they understand the instructions -- and who take their time and apply everything they've learned in training are the ones who come out on top," he said.An exam is scheduled on the first day of competitive events, but Ultimate Warrior ramps up the next day with a voluminous list of tasks including those related to medical, land navigation, communication and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response.Weapons qualification, a ruck march and administrative board appearances are scheduled for Wednesday - Thursday morning.The winners will be announced Thursday afternoon.